Childhood Cancer Today

More Children Surviving Means

More Children with Challenges

A childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating for a child. In an instant, a child’s life becomes defined by the physical and cognitive damage caused by their cancer and years of treatment. That is, if they are lucky enough to survive.

Each year, thousands of children, no longer in crisis, but damaged and not equipped to realize their potential, are no longer the priority of the world that fought to keep them alive.

The Facts

  • 15,780 children are expected to be diagnosed this year.
  • 13,097 children are expected to become cancer survivors this year.
  • More than 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have a significant health related issues; which are most often caused by the treatment, not the cancer.

The Problem

  • Childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating. Survival with likely physical and cognitive deficits is presented as best case for most cancers.
  • Life’s basic possibilities are under threat. From having a family to dreams of future success.
  • The many very real stories of suffering and loss used to develop support for childhood cancer have an unintended effect by ingraining survivor’s self-image based on their lowest moments.
  • After treatment, there is not support for ongoing rehabilitation and reintegration beyond minimum function.
  • Financial resources of most families are depleted and they are emotionally spent.

The Need

  • There is a very real need for role models who went on to success after a childhood cancer diagnosis.
  • Role models, like Lance Armstrong, were adults and champions prior to cancer.
  • A child thriving after cancer seems unimaginable with so few peers in the public eye, and no programs exist to support off treatment children with the passion to excel.

The Potential

Although they will always burdened by the damage caused by treatment and years of lost childhood, childhood cancer survivors may gain the advantages of focus, discipline and maturity that is years or decades beyond their peers.

Determination, responsibility, commitment, and mental resilience are just a few traits that childhood cancer survivors possess that can make them very successful.

We Need Your Help

Each day dozens of children are diagnosed with cancer and their worlds are shattered. The reality of childhood cancer is that some children will not survive, but the vast majority that will survive have the potential to lead amazing lives. There is no reason for them to lose the fire to try.

Your generous contribution will help change the lives of thousands of children who have suffered so much.

With your donation, we will turn surviving into thriving for thousands of kids with cancer.