ccThrivers are a small group of childhood cancer survivors who entered into the top of their pursuits after cancer.  ccThrivers are committed to delivering their message of survivorship directly to the childhood cancer community and to the public through their continued performance at the highest levels.

Our team of ccThrivers includes our co-founders, Gavin Shamis and Bryan Fletcher. Gavin and Bryan are both survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia who endured years of the most brutal chemotherapy in all of cancer. Both established themselves as elite athletes after treatment.

ccThrive is not about creating elite athletes, but about keeping the passions and ambitions alive in all children with cancer and helping these kids realize their full potential once off treatment. It does not matter what their dreams are, they could involve sports, the arts or any pursuit. We are here to help kids who want to do their best.  Soon after creating ccThrive, we met Melinda Marchiano, a lymphoma survivor with significant late effects. After cancer, Melinda went on to become an award winning author at age 14, and is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. For years, Melinda has been a committed and highly visible childhood cancer advocate and has joined us as the third ccThriver.

Most recently, Lacey Henderson, a synovial sarcoma survivor who lost her leg above the knee at age nine, became the fourth ccThriver. Lacey was a competitive cheerleader, and is now an American record holder in Track & Field preparing to compete in the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

Although nothing would make us happier than every childhood cancer survivor achieving the level of success of a ccThriver, our true dream is that every childhood cancer survivor realizes their full potential, whatever it is and whatever their challenges.  All survivors of childhood cancer should have the opportunity to thrive.