Bryan Fletcher

Diagnosed with leukemia at age 3

Stroke at age 4

Completed chemo at age 6

Bryan Fletcher

Started jumping while on chemo

2014 Olympian in Sochi

Current three time US Nordic
Combined National Champion

Gavin Shamis

Diagnosed with leukemia at age 8

6 months of horrific complications at age 10

Chemo ended early due to failing liver

Gavin Shamis

Swam competitively while on chemo

11 months after chemo named to
USA Luge Junior National Team

32 months after chemo won 2016
USA Luge Youth National Championship

A child should not be defined by their lowest moments

Help us redefine what it means to survive childhood cancer

What do these amazing childhood cancer survivors have in common?

They did not surrender their dreams to cancer.

Sure – they have talent, work hard and are persistent, but that could be said of anyone who is successful.

What these childhood cancer survivors share is their refusal to allow cancer to define them, despite what they were told. If there were role models, they would not be the exception. Next, they stumbled upon opportunity, without which their success would not have been possible. What if there were an organization that worked with each child to find opportunities and provided access to them.

Today, there are no organizations committed to improving the long-term quality of life of childhood cancer survivors. That is why we came together to form ccThrive. Guided by our team of the leading experts and with your support, we are ready to help these kids who have suffered so much.

Only with your contribution can our ccThriver program bring role models to thousands of children and their families at children’s hospitals across the country. Kids should not surrender their dreams to cancer.

Do you know a kid who is exceeding expectations?

Every day, lives of children are devastated


Children Diagnosed Cancer


Childhood Cancer Survivors


Children without Support

Each year, over ten thousand children become childhood cancer survivors. When off-treatment and no longer in crisis, they are not a priority of the world that fought to keep them alive.

Damaged by their cancer and its treatment, traumatized by years of lost childhood, these children are returned to the world without support. How can they realize their potential?

With your support, this will change today.

It begins with Step 1 – The ccThriver Program.

Step 1 – Keep dreams alive

Get to the kids from the time of diagnosis

Your support will enable us to immediately roll out the ccThriver Program. This is the first and most important step in redefining childhood cancer. Our ccThriver Ambassadors visit children’s hospitals across the country, meeting with children and their families,  on and off treatment, and the professionals who care for them, demonstrating that dreams can still be realized as cancer survivors. They encourage children to be as active as possible while on treatment and to be proactive and persistent in their rehabilitation off treatment and to always focus on realizing their potential.

Beyond hospital visits, the ccThriver Program reaches families from the time diagnosis – it is far easier to keep hope alive than to rekindle it. This is accomplished by integrating ccThrive into the social support packet provided at the time of diagnosis, introducing kids and families to our role models and ccThrive’s online resources.

This will not be possible without your support. You can turn surviving into thriving.

We Need Your Help

Each day dozens of children are diagnosed with cancer and their worlds are shattered. The reality of childhood cancer is that some children will not survive, but the vast majority that will survive have the potential to lead amazing lives. There is no reason for them to lose the fire to try.

Your generous contribution will help change the lives of thousands of children who have suffered so much.

Together, we will turn surviving into thriving.


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