About Us

ccThrive was conceived in 2014 by our co-founders and childhood cancer survivors, Bryan Fletcher and Gavin Shamis, and Gavin’s father, Andrew Shamis.  There are no other organizations focused on the long-term quality of life of childhood cancer survivors. ccThrive was originally conceived to address the lack of role models available to children with cancer, which has become the ccThriver Ambassador Program. It quickly become clear that in addition to childhood cancer and their subsequent success, Bryan and Gavin had something else in common, luck and opportunity.  ccThrive’s Mentor and Grant Programs are being developed to enable all childhood cancer survivors the chance to thrive.


ccThrive’s mission is to build awareness that childhood cancer survivors can thrive by providing visibility to high profile childhood cancer survivors performing at top levels to demonstrate that survivorship is not necessarily defined by diminished physical and cognitive capacities.

We encourage children with cancer to be as active as possible, both physically and cognitively and once off treatment, to be proactive and persistent in their full rehabilitation and entry into competitive pursuits.


ccThrive was formed as a non-profit corporation in the state of Vermont in 2015. We are currently developing the funding necessary to implement our programs. With a successful fundraising campaign in late 2015, ccThrive will be able to start implementing its programs in early 2016.


The entire amount of amount of your contribution is deductible. ccThrive operates under the fiscal oversight of Tides Foundation (Taxpayer Identification Number is 51-0198509). Tides Foundation issues grants from the ccThrive Fund exclusively to ccThrive for the purpose of carrying out its mission. Tides Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and has exclusive legal control over the contributed funds or assets. ccThrive is a non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Vermont.


Please use our online form or mail send checks payable to “Tides Foundation – ccThrive Fund” to:

Tides Foundation – ccThrive Fund
P.O. Box 29903
1014 Torney Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94129

Large contributions to the Tides Foundation – ccThrive in the form of cash or securities can transferred electronically. Details will be provided upon request. Please use the contact form or email us at info@ccthrive.org/

Advisory Board

ccThrive is guided by its Advisory Board made up of the leading researchers and clinicians focused on long term quality of life issues for survivors of childhood cancer. Our members include hematologist-oncologists, oncology physiologists, pediatric neuropsychologists, physical therapy researchers and oncology physiotherapists. These experts provide insight into the needs and challenges of childhood cancer survivors as we shape our programs. In addition, they provide strategic guidance as ccThrive forms partnerships with children’s hospitals and childhood cancer research organizations.

Executive Team

Andrew Shamis, Co-founder, President & CEO

Bryan Fletcher, Co-founder & Director of Development

Media Inquiries

media@ccthrive.org   1-802-448-2950